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    Taking a Proactive Approach to Conflict since 1993


    For nearly 25 years Space Training has helped individuals and organisations to improve the quality of people’s lives. Our training programmes have been proven to reduce conflict, the need for physical interventions, and have positively impacted upon both staff turnover and employee absenteeism.


    We believe that every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Space Training is one of the original BILD accredited physical interventions training providers and we fully adhere to the BILD Code of Practice. All of our physical interventions are independently risk assessed.


    Why Space Training is the Right Choice


    Challenging behaviour training often focuses on the person in receipt of services as the source of the problem with solutions involving actions to control and manage their behaviour.


    The Space System is concerned with uncovering the real problems, looking at all aspects of situations and interactions. We believe that behaviours are most often caused by factors such as unmet needs, inflexible services, unhelpful attitudes or an adversarial culture.


    ​Managing challenging behaviour is too late, the causes should be addressed before the symptoms, hence the focus and the title of our programmes, A Proactive Approach to Conflict.


    The Space System is based on the belief that physical interventions are most often, detrimental to relationships. Any technique therefore should be person specific, proportionate and justifiable.


    Our Programmes


    Our content can be adapted to meet your specific needs; our trainers and consultants are flexible and will work with you to develop your ideal training solution. We deliver a training experience which is stimulating, challenging, positive and outcome-focused.


    One Day Course


    Our one-day conflict awareness programme helps delegates to develop insight into the reasons why we may encounter conflict and what we can do to create harmonious relationships.


    Two Day Course


    Our two-day prevention and awareness programme focuses on developing strategies for positive behaviour support and includes physical redirection and breakaway techniques.


    Four Day Course


    Our all-encompassing four-day safety, prevention and awareness programme includes non-aggressive practical responses (also known as physical interventions).




    “Since having the training within all six children’s homes we have only had to hold a child once, which within a three year period is excellent practice and has been commented upon by Ofsted in the children’s homes inspection.” Claire Pickering, Registered Manager, Warrington Borough Council.


    Contacting Us


    If you would like more information about any of our programmes please e-mail or call us on 0800 772 0373 or visit us at


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