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The Department of Health is creating its own peer review comparison website which will initially be hosted on the NHS Choices website. Taking information from many of the available online channels, this review website is expected to generate over 5 million monthly visitors.  It will represent an incredible marketing opportunity for everyone who embraces it.

Honest, open and transparent opinions, and the ability to ask questions to verified reviewers are a fantastic way to drive up quality, and with the public using customers’ feedback on many retail websites, they now expect to see this capability when they make choices on health care services.

Given the sensitive nature of the care sector and the obvious concerns over reputation management, it is increasingly important for potential customers to find accurate, trustworthy and reliable information.

There have been enough examples recently, however, of the lack of trustworthiness of some comments on websites. Fake reviews could really damage a company’s reputation no matter the industry. This is why firms need to implement independent solutions that collect verified reviews and build trust amongst their customers. Providing this reassurance is paramount to build trust and protect your reputation.

With 89% of people reading reviews before making a purchase, and when only 24% trust advertising, your customers, and their friends and family could become your best sales people.

So how can you get the best out your investment of time, effort and money when incorporating reviews and user content on your website? Many companies are worried that they will only attract extreme opinions: Mr Angry and Ms. Ecstatic will be the ones who are most motivated to provide comments whilst Mr Happy and Ms. Contented may not submit opinions. Any business will have some detractors, but the question is how do you gather reviews from the largest – and most contented – section of your customer base?

Unlike other existing review services, Reevoo is a cloud-based solution that proactively sends emails questionnaires to confirmed customers only, thus preventing fake reviews, assuring a higher response rate and collecting more balanced opinions. Replies are then run through a moderation process to ensure that submitted reviews are not offensive or abusive. A mainly automated system keeps costs low, so a returned review costs pennies not pounds.

Currently Reevoo gathers reviews on behalf of over 185 leading brands including Acer, Ford Retail, Black & Decker, Kuoni, Orange, Sony and many more.  Reevoo will collect fresh consumer reviews for you and post them directly onto your website so that you also get the SEO benefit. And, since more consumer reviews leads to more time spent on your site, you’ll also benefit from more page impressions and increased enquiries.

Reevoo is working with who will display reviews for all Reevoo’d care homes on its site. Care homes with Reevoo ratings and reviews will have a badge displayed on their listing boasting their Reevoo score and making them stand out from the competition.

The Reevoo badge is seen by 25 million people every day and the brand is known and trusted for its transparency and honesty, which is why it was highlighted as a beacon of good practice in a recent white paper by the OFT.

If reviews about your business are being posted on the NHS Choices website for millions of people to see, wouldn’t you prefer them to be gathered by Reevoo?

For more information about Reevoo please visit their website at: or email on


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