The public expect that essential standards are met by all care providers

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National Care Association has called on the Care Quality Commission to curtail the practice of consistently highlighting and publishing failures that they identify in the provision of health and social care.

Care Quality Commission is the Regulator and we as representatives of responsible providers of care expect the Care Quality Commission to concentrate their energy and resources making sure that the public can have confidence in social care provision because they (CQC) have ensured that providers are compliant. We do not expect them to publish this sort of report that just frightens the public.


National Care Association Chairman Nadra Ahmed OBE said today: “The public rightly expect that if there is a regulator that it will ensure that essential standards are met by all registered providers of care.

Responsible providers of care expect the regulator to tell us how they are ensuring that essential standards are attained by all providers. They pay large amounts of money to be regulated by the Care Quality Commission and they expect the regulator to carry out those responsibilities instead of seeking headlines in the press.

We are, quite frankly, fed up of hearing how they have consistently failed to regulate the sector appropriately and thus failed to protect service users. We do not want to hear that they are failing to ensure that these standards are met; we want to hear that they have fulfilled their roles as regulators!

Our members (care providers) are paying significant amounts of money to be regulated; many want to know what they are paying for if they as it appears in this report are failing to ensure that all providers are compliant.”

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  1. Mark Sadler says:

    Nadra’s comments have made me think she said of the CQC “seeking headlines in the press”. I must stress that Nadra wrote this article in July. However since then the CQC have been commenting openly that the public do not know who they are and that they should raise their profile somehow?

    Perhaps this explains why the CQC have been “seeking headlines in the press” ?
    Perhaps it also gives us a reason to think that they will not stop “seeking headlines in the press” just yet!

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