Older people hoped for radical reform after Dilnot report

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Statement on the social care white paper – Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive of Anchor


“Although finally showing willing, the Government is still failing on its promise to reform the broken social care system. This White Paper is simply rearranging the deckchairs on a sinking ship. How we pay for care in old age is an issue which affects us all and it should have been addressed with the publication of the White Paper.


“The older people we’ve spoken to have delivered a damning review of the Government’s approach to the issue. They hoped, as did we, that the social care White Paper would build on the funding reforms proposed by Andrew Dilnot last year.


“Every day that passes without a clear plan for funding sees people losing a lifetime of savings. The time has come for radical changes – and these can only be achieved with cross-party consensus. The next step will be for the Government to accept the realities of demographic change, and appoint a Minister for Older People who can ensure that future generations won’t fall victim to the same inadequacies.”


Recent research by Anchor makes depressing reading for the Government and shows that there is a severe lack of confidence in its handling of this issue:


  • 50% of those aged over 55 say the care system is now in crisis due to the failings of the Coalition Government
  • Just 14% of older people were confident the Government would find a solution to the social care crisis
  • Only 6% of those aged over 55 believe the quality of social care has improved under the Coalition
  • 66% of older people believe MPs ignore older people’s issues
  • 67% of those aged over 55 believe the Coalition Government has not paid enough attention to social care
  • Just 23% of older people are confident that good quality care will be made available to them when they need it


What older people thought should have been included in the white paper:

  • 79% wanted measures which improve the quality of care available to older people
  • 70% wanted NHS and social care services to be more joined up
  • 70% wanted the process for applying for social care support to be easier to understand
  • 71% wanted the costs which individuals are be expected to pay for social care to be capped
  • 69% wanted the means-tested threshold to be raised
  • 66% wanted the white paper to improve public access to information about standards of care


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  1. julia heal says:

    the older people who are in care homes that have saved all their lives have gained absolutely nothing and been thrifty to the point of going without any luxuries at all for this.I will not be doing the same and i suspect that most people think the same.it is encouraging people to be dishonest and to hide any assets they have accumulated in their lives.the government gives millions away to other countries but can not help there own elderly,who indirectly are paying for them to frit it away.elswhere.most elderly that i know only have a meager amount of assets but even so have to cough it nearly all up in order to survive.it is hardly a welfare state for them, is it.

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