Drastic cuts are extremely alarming comment Alzheimer’s Society

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Figures released today from a survey conducted by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) showed that in the past two years social care budgets had lost £1.89bn in funding.
Cuts to council funding led to a £900m reduction in budgets for social care last year – a drop of more than 6 per cent – despite government assurances that funds had been ring fenced to avoid social care services being affected.
Alzheimer’s Society comment:
‘These drastic cuts to social care funding are extremely alarming. Chronic under-funding of social care has over many years driven down quality, choice and accessibility of vital care and support. It also places an unacceptable financial burden on the shoulders of people who need the care, including people with dementia, who are unfairly penalised by the system, paying huge amounts for care which in many cases fails to meet their needs.’
‘We urge politicians from all parties to work on creating a fair social care system. By 2021 there will be over one million people living with dementia. Good quality care at a reasonable price cannot come soon enough.’
Louise Lakey
Policy Manager
Alzheimer’s Society
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