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The biggest problem facing owners of close care properties is the misunderstanding, or just ignorance, of the general public as to what exactly Close Care is all about. Homes With Care define it as Assisted Living units that can be rented or bought by people needing more help than can easily be achieved in standard home settings, but less help than would be provided within a care home setting. Critically, these facilities are located as part of a care home development – but they may or may not be actually physically attached to the care home itself. Care and hotel (cleaning, laundry and food) can be purchased from the care home as and when required. Close care is particularly suitable where maybe one of a couple requires more help than the other.


There are not a lot of close care scheme in the UK. Given the aging population, together with the principle that the older generations tend to own their properties and many will look to down-size as the years pass on, given the right scheme in the right location, it would seem that there should be a growing demand for Close Care property. The problem remains, however, how to get the word out there that this type of property exists….


Due to the nature of the beast, generally the Close Care property sale element plays second fiddle to the day-to-day running of the principle business – the care home. Operators of care homes are busy people and their time should absolutely be spent ensuring the people they care for have the very best care. Given their limited available time and resources, the sale of the close care to a largely unaware market can be daunting – but if successful, surely bountiful.


Estate agents are often retained to sell Close Care properties. All too often these agents, however, do not necessarily understand the principle behind them and are less likely to use appropriate terminology and selling techniques that the owners might use – given the opportunity to speak to potential purchasers themselves.


The greatest marketing tool in these times is the internet. Care homes generally have their own website to help sell their services. However, these websites only need to be basic and certainly aren’t set up to sell properties in the way that or, for example, do. is not at estate agency service, no agency fees are payable. It is purely a marketing tool that provides three principle services in the selling of Close Care property.


1)      It clearly defines Close Care and its benefits

2)      It provides a portal which any care home website can link to. The portal can be fully managed by the owner themselves and is easily updated. Owners of care homes can simply link their webpage to their page at

3)      It is the only website dedicated to the selling of only Assisted Living properties in all its forms.


 If you would like to learn more about what does and how it can help you please contact the team on 0844 2252995 or email

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