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Recycle your laptops

If you want to reduce your residents feeling of isolation and cut the costs of computing by thousands of pounds, the answer could well lay in the simplicity HOMEKEY.

Launched yesterday, the HOMEKEY is a memory stick which transforms PC’s for less than £70, making them so easy to use that the system can justifiably claim to be revolutionary.

The HOMEKEY is aimed at people of all ages in the UK who have never used a computer or have given up trying. They find conventional software too complicated and computers too expensive. The HOMEKEY overcomes both of these obstacles.

Simplicity computers have loaded a USB key with their own easy to use software, the simplicity ENVELOPE, and built-in video tutorials presented by Valerie Singleton.

What makes the development of the HOMEKEY so unusual is that it has been designed specifically to be used in just about any existing PC. If you have computers that you’re thinking of throwing out – don’t. The HOMEKEY can give them a second life.

Residents can benefit in a number of ways. They can each have their own key, which they can plug into a communal computer giving them in effect their own computer. This will help reduce feelings of isolation as they can easily get in contact with relatives and friends by email or skype. The HOMEKEY allows their private data to be stored on their own key and data stored on the HOMEKEY is not vulnerable to attack from virus or spyware.

For care homes the benefits of the HOMEKEY are potentially massive. The software is so easy to use that the amount of time support staff will have to spend with residents will be small. Care homes can also recycle the machines they would otherwise throw away which both can benefit the resident and the care homes coffers.

Retailing at £69.95 the simple to use software combined with recycled machines can cut the price of a computer dramatically.

Homes where the simplicity software is already being used are amazed at how quickly their residents are signing up to use the communal computers. They are already reporting that the residents love the software and the ease with which they can use the internet. As one resident says, ‘being able to use the computer has given us all a new interest and something to talk about’.

For more information call simplicity computers on 0800 028 0417.


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