Any improvements to care inspections are positive, but the question remains, is it enough?

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Helen Sadler Director of Case Senior Ltd

Changes to Home Care Inspections

The Guardian recently ran an article where Philip King of the CQC explained the new programme of inspections due to be rolled out for home care across the UK.

He illustrated the practical difficulties of inspecting home care, including the fact that the carer may well be providing care of a higher standard than normal if they have an inspector watching their every move.

Equally, the presence of an inspector can be upsetting to the elderly or vulnerable.

In the new programme, the CQC will contact the elderly and their families through questionnaires, phone calls and interviews.

There will be 250 spot checks on the carers and their managers which will have been prearranged with the person receiving the care.

The CQC will look at care plans, training records etc and will consult with local care groups about care in the region, before publishing reports on the home care agency as well as a national summary of its findings across the UK.

The CQC certainly need to be seen to do something. Recent events both in home care and care homes have illustrated some real shortcomings and with the recent resignation of head of CQC Cynthia Bower, all eyes are on what the CQC intends to do to improve its performance.

Any improvements to inspections are positive, but the question remains, is it enough?



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