Truly Shocking-ECCA Comment on BBC’s Panorama

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The English Community Care Association, the leading representative charity for care providers, has responded to the Panorama programme detailing the abuse of older people in a London care home.

Martin Green, Chief Executive of ECCA, said:

“The Panorama Programme was truly shocking and there is a real need to learn lessons from this incident and make sure it does not happen again”.

Martin continued:

“The Dignity Commission has called for the establishment of a Social Care Quality Forum and ECCA is calling on the Government to establish this as a matter of urgency to ensure we identify the causes of poor care and eradicate them from the system”.


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  1. Richard says:

    – I watched with great sadness, but not much surprise, the excellent programme outing further abuse and cruelty in yet another regulated care service in England. Before leaving this organisation, the CQC, I witnessed a culture of intimidation, bullying and the complete inability of the CQC area, regional and national leadership to see the serious risks being posed by the then, on-going, and current poor regulatory arrangements for the supposed protection of our most vulnerable citizens living in and using community based regulated services. Is it not time to own up to the fact that CQC is simply a failing organisation, with little or no credibility and certainly not the confidence of the public or, indeed their political masters? It is clear that abuse could be endemic given the failures of CQC to adequately monitor and inspect regulated provision correctly and with the correct level of resources, and any true skill or authority. The latest campaign by Mencap in respect of a 38 yr gentleman with LD and ASD abused in an assessment centre 150 miles from his home, and the natural protection of his parents and family, is further evidence of the tragic state of our care system currently.

    As an independent social worker I want to see an end to all these failings as soon as possible, as I am sure all civilised members of our society would, and would be happy to assist in whatever way I can. Finally I would like to thank the BBC again for exposing such matters on prime time TV, though sadly, like the Winterbourne programme most viewers will forget too soon, and the CQC will continue to do nothing to protect vulnerable people as they do not appear to believe this is their role.

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