Lawrence Tomlinson comments in the wake of BBC’s Panorama

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CQC is just a symptom: It’s time to treat the cause of the UKs social care problems

Following the revelations of the horrendous treatment of an Alzheimer’s patient in Ash Court Care Home, Lawrence Tomlinson, Founding Chairman of Ideal Care Homes, speaks out.

Mr Tomlinson calls for quality to be given top priority across the board, to prevent these dreadful abuses in the future and improve standards overall. He says:

“As a country that supports and promotes human rights globally, how can we allow our elderly generation to be treated with such indignity? It is truly devastating to hear of Maria Worrell’s plight, who has suffered inextricably at the hands of those who had a duty of care to support and protect her. Sadly, Mrs Worrell’s case is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems that permeate our social care system. We are aghast by extreme cases of abuse such as this, but even more shocking is the poor quality of care in many care homes, which are often considered acceptable due to a lack of knowledge of what quality care is. Most of us would not know what to expect from a care home and our perceptions become context dependent, preventing many from whistle-blowing or moving providers when they receive poor care, so the problem is just left to perpetuate.

CQC has a lot to answer for in regards to the treatment of Mrs Worrell’s case; I cannot even fathom how such abuses can be allowed to take place in a care home considered ‘excellent’. But the CQC is just a symptom of the underlying problem in social care. It’s time we took a stand as a nation and pushed for quality care for our vulnerable and elderly citizens. Not just protecting from these extreme abuses but making sure every person entering our system receives the highest quality care possible.”

Lawrence believes that the answer is simple: “Alongside better awareness of what constitutes quality care, a national fee structure that rewards quality would fully dis-incentivise these outrageous abuses and put the focus back on what matters most – the quality of care the residents receive.

At present, the less providers do, the more profit they make, leading to a reduction in the quality in the provision of care available. Quality care does not cost the earth, and Ideal Care Homes have proved this by providing top quality care at an affordable price, removing the need for third party top up fees. So why are we still witnessing cases like Mrs Worrell’s?

It is time to treat the problem and stop just masking the symptoms.”

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  1. Dementiacarer says:

    And your answer to this problem we have in the care sector is……?

    The fact that this guy names his company shows that he’s prepared to put his head above the parapet. He isn’t claiming it’s not happening in his own homes.
    By naming his company he at least demonstrates experience and whether you like him or not is irrelevant.

    We have serious problems in this industry.

    I was always told to give a solution before saying I had a problem. Perhaps if we all came up with ideas instead of attacking people for having well thought ideas, we might get somewhere?

  2. Dementiacarer says:

    Surely we’re looking for ideas on how to avoid this sort of abuse? Not take a swipe at other operators?
    Many other groups are trying to find solutions to deliver reasonably priced care.
    At Lawrence Tomlinson is prepared to discuss and put ideas forward-Forest Healthcare didn’t even believe there was a problem!

    Forest Healthcare have 12 care facilities in the UK and an attitude which excluded a complainant from their investigation process, they allowed those other ‘carers’ to continue working in the same home.

    THey later fired them having already said that this was an isolated incident. If that is the case then surely at least one of these ex-employees will be going down the tribunal route as a result of Panorama?

    • Darren says:

      My ‘swipe’ was at Lawrence’s shameful self-promotion on the back of last night’s Panorama Program, not at him being a care operator.

      Not cool

  3. Darren says:

    ‘..Ideal Care Homes have proved this by providing top quality care at an affordable price, removing the need for third party top up fees..’

    Seriously using a story such as this, as a platform for self-promotion for your multi-million pound cash cow business?

    Sickening; I wonder what hidden cameras would uncover in your homes?

    • Hidden cameras in an Ideal Care Home would show highly trained staff enhancing the quality of life of the residents . I am a domestic in one of Ideal care homes , have previously never worked in care before , yet have been trained to the highest possible standard . Before you make an assumption , please get your facts right , and I hope your question has now been answered

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