How Many Of Us Care For The Elderly, Really?

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Do we really think of our patient, clients, service users as we do our family?

Well if we are registered with CQC to provide care, be it domiciliary, or actual care home living support then we really need to remember that respect and dignity should be at the core of our service.

At Healthcare landscape solutions Ltd we review a large number of care providers either going through the CQC (Care Quality Commission) registration process or reviewing their compliance, we always ask the question

‘So if any of your residents, patients, service users wee a member of your family say a mum or dad , how would you like them to be treated ?’

This tends to galvanise their thoughts and as CQC expect all organisations that are registered with them or about to go through the process of application and registration to place patients experience at the centre of their outcome’s evidence.

To make this process a little easier to understand and also to deliver, many companies have created various tools to enable organisation to provide compliant evidence. One of these tools is The Care Sector CQC Beacon toolkit . It actually emphasises that care provided to any vulnerable age group must be patient centred.

For many families placing a loved one in care or sourcing care for them at home puts an enormous strain on the family both emotionally and financially. Those of you who provide this service have a duty of care to these families and their loved ones. As we have seen from programmes like Panorama all is not well within our service industry and we must face up to this and ensure that we learn from mistakes and indeed horrors.

There are 4 very distinct areas that anyone, person or organisation must ensure that they and their employees maintain when providing care for the elderly.

1. Do I believe that privacy, dignity are my core principals or am I in this for money only?

2. Do I respect my patients and am I respected as an employee?

3. Can I be trusted as an organisation and a care giver to foster the values and beliefs of equality and diversity?

4.  Do I listen to my patients, service users and am i listened to?

‘If we all answer the 4 questions above honestly then we are caring for the Elderly and including them in their care’.

Contributor: Benita Playfoot,

Chief Executive Healthcare Landscape Solutions ltd.

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