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Today (Monday 23 April), Panorama will broadcast a report on the abuse of a person with dementia in a care home in Kentish Town, London. The report is based around footage filmed on a hidden camera which shows a staff member striking a woman with Alzheimer’s. Her daughter, concerned that she was being mistreated at Ash Court care home, hid the camera in her mother’s room. The staff member has since been sentenced to 18 months in prison.


Alzheimer’s Society comment:


‘Any case of abuse against a person with dementia is absolutely appalling. The most vulnerable people in our society should be treated with respect and dignity.


‘Our care system in the UK is broken and underfunded. In this context, it is not surprising that there is sometimes inadequate support and abuse. We need to have a debate on how to ensure appropriate care is in place for people with conditions such as dementia. We also need a regulatory system in place focused on supporting care homes to actively improve standards.’


Jeremy Hughes

Chief Executive

Alzheimer’s Society

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  1. Debbie says:

    Domicilairy companies go to great lengths to avoid this type of abuse happening. New employees cannot work unattended without a CRB checck. References have to obtained but because of the current fear of being taken to a tribunal it is now deemed ok for a previous employer to state the dates the individual worked with no feedback of their conduct etc. Employees go through an induction period, they have to be trained and assesed in various topics.
    With the best will in the world if someone could come up with a procedure that guarenteed a carer would never abuse a client I can assure you every agency in the country would sign up.
    There have been a few cases recently in our area and in every case the agencies have said they could never have done anything else to prevent the abuse other than accompany a carer to every visit.
    The other comment I would make it that it is interesting to see the percentage of abuse that is done by a family member, whether it be physical, mental or financial! those statistics make horrific reading.

    • Ebony Boulton says:

      Unfortunately I was on call when the program aired last night. Debbie I couldn’t agree more my colleague and myself have been discussing this all morning and ways to improve the fractured system but like yourself are at a loss! We are always open to ideas as the manager of a nursing agency all suggestions are welcome… We have suggested the implementation of psychometric testing at induction, your thoughts would be great on this.

      My concern would be while the media continue to focus on one abuse case, and draw on valuable, overstretched resourses from the powers that be, the hundreds of other incidents happening every day go un-noticed! Whilst I agree every abuse case is appauling and I feel for the individuals concerned I think the industry and the media are missing the point.

      The core problems need to be identified and rectified – but where to start with such a broken system…..

  2. Dementiacarer says:

    I bet this sort of thing happens far more when carers go into people homes. It’s an awful thing to consider but there’s really no way of knowing especially if the elderly person is confused.
    Some people don’t know night from day.
    How do home care companies prevent this? I wonder?

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