Procedure is no substitute for professional judgment

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Health Minister, Paul Burstow has talked about the worrying trend in safeguarding towards an over-reliance on checklists, process and procedure.  He noted that procedure is no substitute for professional judgment and that we appear to have lost confidence in the abilities, common sense and skill of our highly trained professionals.

English Community Care Association welcomes his remarks in what will hopefully be the start of a debate to bring some realism into safeguarding.


Martin Green, Chief Executive of ECCA, says:


“Reporting abuse is vital, but we are at risk of losing our ability to see what is abuse and what are examples of poor practice that can easily be remedied and learned from.”


Martin Green continues:


“If we apply a human rights approach to care, one which is rooted in dignity and respect for others, then we should encourage frontline care providers to make decisions and judgements which enhance the freedoms of those they support.   Nothing is gained when care providers work in fear of a safeguarding regime that has got bogged down investigating cases that have nothing to do with protecting people from abuse

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