Dignity Action Day Enjoyed In Poole

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Staff and residents at Care UK’s award-winning Mitchell House nursing home have been raising awareness of dignity and enjoying some of their favourite pastimes with friends in the community to celebrate national Dignity Action Day.

National Dignity Action Day, held on Wednesday 1st February, aims to ensure people in care are treated as individuals and given choice and control.

The home, in Canford Heath, recently won an award for its work with the local community, and residents’ friends and families and local organisations joined in the awareness day to make it a huge success.

Activities co-ordinator Kerry Hayes said: “Dignity is about having choice and living life the way you choose. The residents had thought about how they would like to celebrate dignity and they chose to invite people into the home and have a day of their favourite activities – it was certainly action-packed and a lot of fun.”

Caring Canines came along to the event. Diana Wiltshire, who manages the 50-bed home for older people, said: “Our residents love making a fuss of the dogs. Many of them have kept pets throughout their lives and enjoy the opportunity to pet and play with these wonderful dogs. The home already has three cats and a parrot called George, who all came into the home with their owners from whom we felt they should not be parted.”

Volunteers from the local church in Canford Heath came along to provide entertainment and beauty treatments for residents and their relatives.

There was a special tea and chef Alan King made a cake decorated with the Dignity Action Day emblem.

Diana said: “Dignity is at the heart of everything we do. People worry that, when they leave their own home, they will never have choice or privacy again. We work to ensure people have choice, privacy, friendship and the opportunity to carry on doing the things they love. The men of the home enjoyed a beer whilst playing pool and then settled down to a cinema afternoon with the films of their choice.

“We spent part of the day talking to residents and their relatives about what dignity meant to them. We are now looking at what they have told us to ensure we are providing them with the service they want in the way they want.”


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