Declining Basic Care Quality For Care Homes In The UK

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Patient hygiene is a critical aspect of care administered to patients to promote dignity and independent living. 

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement recognises the importance of this and provides publications to aid nursing staff and carers in creating a supportive environment that encourages spending sufficient time with patients during toileting and bathing.

The shortfall in providing quality bathing and washing for patients across all levels within the UK; be it care homes, homecare, hospices and hospitals, have all received high profile criticism in recent months.  To highlight a few well publicised cases:

  1. In May, The Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that Rangemore Care Home located in Knutsford failed to comply with eight essential standards and a patient was found with a fungal infection after not being bathed for an extended period1.
  2. In June, Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) concluded that “Older people’s basic human rights are being overlooked in the provision of care at home” in the UK2.  The enquiry lead by EHRC highlighted that a number of home visits were only allocated 15 minutes and subsequently this meant that in some cases the elderly patient had to choose between having a cooked meal or a wash.
  3. In August, the CQC again exposed shortfalls in another care home; Glendaph Nursing Home in Kingsland, where a patient had not been bathed for eight weeks, exposing the patient to unnecessary risk of infections3.

Dr. Jimmy Kwok working at Synergy Health PLC reiterated his comments made earlier4:

Based on trials performed at several NHS hospitals5, we have found that the use of the Oasis Bed Bathing System effectively reduces the time taken to wash elderly people or those with mobility difficulties. Recent trials conducted at several hospices have also given positive feedback on our Oasis™ Bed Bathing System – where nurses and carers have commented that it is “Practical, quick and very good for less mobile patients”6. We are confident that the increasing adoption of our Oasis™ Bed Bathing Systems within the wider community would be invaluable for carers, nurses and families in delivering better quality of care; even when they are coping with significant time constraints.”

Please click here for more information on the Oasis Bed Bathing System provided by Synergy Health plc.

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The Oasis Bed Bath System, improved personal care and reduction in time and cross contamination resulting in a better quality of care

Healthcare providers have come to realise that the traditional method of bed bathing, however suitable for everyone else, is not the best way to care for those that have restricted mobility.

 There are many risks associated with using soap and water, ranging from cross infection to dry cracked skin and even accidental water spillages.

 This is why as a healthcare provider, we passionately believe that using the Oasis™ Bed Bath System will provide a more comforting, dignified and caring experience for those patients receiving end of life palliative care.

 Are Oasis Bed Bath wipes fit for purpose?

 The wipes were trialled on dependent patients for 2 weeks across the following wards: orthopaedic, medical, respiratory, endocrinology, rheumatology and care of the elderly. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from both patients and staff, and the wipes reduced nursing time from approximately 25 to12 minutes per bath.

 Not only were the Oasis wipes well liked by both patients and nursing staff, they also significantly improved the efficiency of the bed bath process. Based on bathing 12 dependent patients per day, a yearly efficiency saving of between £6000 and £7300 can be made by adopting the Oasis wipes.

The time saved when using the wipes can be used to provide additional patient care, or for other clinical tasks.

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