Day 3 of a Castlebeck Employee

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Describe the structure as you saw it-Who was responsible?

‘Often care workers would dictate to nurses how the day would go so they could do what they wanted’.

‘Having patients simply tag along’.

‘I never saw a senior nurse take control but they appeared to want easy days and enjoyed as little interaction with the patients as possible, leaving care workers to themselves and residents unoccupied’.

You mentioned shortages- what else did you see?

‘Major staff shortages were pretty much a daily occurrence and were well known to managers’.

‘Managers did little about it’

‘Staff spoke of keeping all of the patients in just the one or two lounges so as to be able to keep an eye on them’

‘Patients were denied bedroom access’.

‘Once time there was only two members of staff where there should be at least eleven to twelve. Others from another unit had to be sent down to cover- This happened regularly’.

Did shortages ensure abuse continued?

‘If one staff member got anyway with anything others would do it too’,


‘Actual guidelines, policies and procedures were neglected’.


‘Most (staff) really did just want an easy life and they got away with it, being able to control the patients by making them feel inferior’.

To be continued



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  1. Andrea says:

    I too worked at one of the castlebeck units. The poor treatment of patients is unfortunately more widespread than winterbourne view. Despite several complaints to management, upon where I was told ” sit round a table with the staff involved and discuss it ” and several messages left with my phone number to the regulating body at the time to report it noone got back to me. Staff that were young and untrained, and nurses that got their friends employed were I feel much to blame. Understaffing, staff that went out and came into work drunk to be sent home again with no disiplinary action taken, patients who health paid thousands for casstlebeck to care for and should have had two to one staffing often had one staff member assigned to them. I left Castlebeck as I couldnt bear to see the patients treated this way. I stopped working with adults with learning disabilities after ten years of doing so because of this company.

  2. Ashleigh Fox says:

    Check out Learning Disability Practice RCN Journal – the latest issue. Page 8-9. :)

  3. Ashleigh Fox says:

    Very interesting reading. I was a newly qualified nurse there between September and December 2010, and reported the abuse and shortages as you speak of on a daily basis. I was also told by management it was my poor people management skills that were to blame for the lack of structure, when all I tried to do was separate “the mob” across both floors during the handover allocation.

    This is a very honest reflection of daily life at Winterbourne View.

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